How do you copy by value a composite data type in JavaScript?

Data types in JavaScript
  1. Object: The object is a complex data type that allows you to store collections of data. It stores data in a name and a value pair.
    var person = {“name”: “Niharika”, “surname”: “Sharma”, “age”: “25”};
  2. Array: An array is a type of object used for storing multiple values in single variable. Arrays contains similar type of data.
    var colors = [“Red”, “Yellow”, “Green”, “Orange”];
    var cities = [“London”, “Paris”, “New York”];
  3. Function: The function is callable object that executes a block of code only when they are called. Since functions are objects, so it is possible to assign them to variable.
    var a = function(){
    return “Hello World!”;
Copy by value in primitive data type
Copy by reference in Composite data type
Difference between Shallow and Deep Copy
Copy by value using spread operator
Copy by value using Object.assign() method
Copy by value using JSON methods




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